Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss Podcast & Mini Course For Physician Moms


Listen on the go to the Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss Without Fasting or Counting Calories Mini Course and Podcast:

You'll learn:

  • How Medical Training Created 4 Habits We Must Let Go Of To Lose Weight For Good
  • Why Fasting and Counting Calories, Macros or Points is Ineffective for Lasting Weight Loss as Stressed Out Physician Moms
  • The Crucial 4 Steps that Physician Moms Must Take to End the Dieting Cycle  
  • Why you'll be Spinning Your Wheels Wasting Time, Money and Energy if you Skip Any of these Steps.
  • How to Get off the Dieting Roller Coaster and Make Lasting Weight Loss Simple and Easy

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What People Are Saying:

Thanks to Archana's content, I could jump start my weight loss like nothing else had helped me before.

Dr. Monika A., Psychiatrist and Mom of 2

Archana, I’m so glad I chose to listen to your content. I appreciated that you made it quick and on point because I am a busy physician mom. What I appreciated even more is how you shared very useful and instantly applicable information with us! I started applying some of what I learned this morning!

Dr. Nadia S., Radiologist and Mom of 3