Lasting Weight Loss in Just 5 Minutes a Day

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Would you like lasting weight loss without fasting or counting calories, macros or points? You're in the perfect place! You're invited to apply for a spot in my Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator below. (Takes just 1 minute.)


Mama Doc, you are the PERFECT fit if: 

(Yes, fur babies count as children)

  • You’re ready to take action now to lose weight but you’re stretched for time between your career and your family. My life changing approach takes just 5 minutes a day to implement.
  • You want actionable steps for faster results rather than a massive 24-module 6-month commitment.
  • You want something doable and customizable to your unique schedule 
  • You are done with the fad diets, counting anything and deprivation and ready to eat for life.
  • You want to end stress and emotional eating because you know its been keeping you stuck. And you want this to be the last time you lose weight because it stays off.
  • You want the added bonus of CME credits and to put your funds to use on something that helps your own wellness.


A time-efficient 12 week group coaching program for busy physician moms who want to end stress eating and lose weight for the last time without dieting, deprivation, counting calories or macros, meal prepping, long fasts or working out. 


I know you're a busy doctor and mom, so I show you how to lose weight and keep it off in just 5 minutes a day.

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With the Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator, we show you how to end emotional eating in just 12 weeks!


Our time together will include:


4 Phased Roadmap To End Stress Eating and Lose Weight for the Last Time

You get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire 4 phased program because we're committed to you being able to do this on your own timeline. (Yes, you can speed up the replay of all videos and audios).

You've got 5 minutes a day to solve the weight loss struggle for good.


Weekly Group Coaching Calls for 12 weeks

Expose Your Personal Sabotage Thoughts and Say Goodbye to Them with the Help of Archana's Next - Level Coaching that Helps Get to the Root of the Problem and Reprogram your Brain to Help you lose not only the physical weight but the mental weight too.


Eight Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions 

These 30 minute coaching sessions fit perfectly into your schedule and allow you to dive deeper into your personal circumstances, thoughts and beliefs to help you achieve lasting results. 


Accountability from Archana and Your Peers

Connect with other women doctors on the same journey as you and get the support and accountability you need from the community in a private group.


Exclusive Worksheets and Templates

These worksheets will give you shortcuts to success and make the journey easier


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Plus Bonus Shortcuts

In the true interest of getting fast results from a no-fluff program, these bonuses are time savers for the lifestyle challenges that only mama docs know.

BONUS#1 - Learn my Mighty Mom Scheduling Method

Time is tight for docs. It’s tighter for mama docs. This is EXACTLY how I scheduled my weight loss without sacrificing family time or my career.

BONUS#2 - Create a Mighty Morning Routine

A 6-minute self-care routine that you can fit into your day at any time to refresh your soul.

BONUS#3 - Be the CEO of Your Mighty Life

Essential tips to get shiz done and off your plate so you’re not everything to everyone all the time anymore. You’re the BOSS!

BONUS#4 - First Aid Kit for Stress Relief

Includes guided meditation & visualization specific to mama docs that help you relax your mind and body and decrease your work related stress.

BONUS#5 - Earn up to 26 H of CME Credits

This program was designed to help YOU lose weight but as an added bonus you can earn CME too!

I Want Those Bonuses Too

What Mama Docs on the Inside of the Accelerator are Saying

What You'll Learn:

Phase One:

Turn Obstacles into Strategies

  • Connect with your true WHY for weight loss 
  • Identify stumbling blocks and create strategies to overcome  
  • The Undiet Plan revealed. Customize the plan to your exact lifestyle 
  • Create a sustainable plan for life that allows you the flexibility you need 

Phase Two:

Work Your Custom Plan

  • Switch your body into fat burning mode with 3 simple strategies which end stress eating and cravings
  • Finally fix your hunger hormones so that your cravings fade away
  • Create awareness about your eating habits and your habitual thoughts 
  • Overcome resistance to making the change you want and start living from the highest version of yourself 

Phase Three:

Reprogram Sabotaging Beliefs

  • Replace those sneaky habitual thoughts with intentional ones that get you to your goals. No more relying on willpower  
  • Recognize the signs of imposter syndrome that might cause you to overeat
  • Adjust your self-identity to match your physical progress to keep your momentum going
  • Learn the secrets to sustained weight loss through daily actions that compound for big results 

Phase Four:

End Emotional Eating for Good

  • Master all emotions including stress without turning to food, wine or Netflix
  • Create your own personal 'Emotional Doctor Bag' of tools to turn to for processing any emotion
  • The Undiet Plan can be applied to other areas of your life and you’ll learn how to do that
  • Celebration week is about celebrating all your scale and non-scale victories 




“Down 8 pounds in the first 3 weeks of the program and I have more energy too.” - Dr. Lisa R.

“[This program] immediately decreased my stress about the "what's for dinner" question as well as gave me and my family something to look forward to.” - Dr. Laura M.


One of the best decisions I've made and one of the best things I've done for myself - Dr. Ralynne M.


“In 4 weeks on this plan, I lost 12 lbs! In total I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off.” - Niha W.


“I lost 18 lbs and have kept if off unlike anything else I have done in the past! It's definitely worth it!" - Dr. Michelle K. 


Archana’s personalized coaching is life-changing! I have stopped stress eating. I am empowered to manage my thoughts and feelings whatever the circumstances. I am in charge of my own life for the first time! - Dr. Kelli M.


“I actually look forward to stepping on the scale!" - Dr. Laura M. 


I'm Ready for Lasting Weight Loss in 5 Minutes a Day