The Mama Docs School Was Born From Overcoming Burnout 

Hey, Friend!

Welcome home to the Mama Docs School! 

I created the Mama Docs School because I have been in your exact shoes - exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out from work and mom life too. It was something I went on to call "double burnout."

You know that feeling where you give your all to the demands of your stressful job at the clinic or hospital and then come home to the second shift of never ending home and mom responsibilities. 

So I turned to food to cope with all my emotions. It was socially acceptable after all. 

Like you, I tried so many things to get out of burnout.

I tried vacations, meditation and yoga, doing lots of self-care and cutting down my hours.

But that didn’t work because no matter how few hours I worked I still felt drained and like I had nothing left to give when I came home.

After work, I was crabby and knew I wasn't showing up as the mom I wanted to be to my kids.

And in the ER team members began to complain about my attitude. 

I felt like I was failing both at home and at work.  

All the while sacrificing my own health and wellbeing to the point of my scrub pants no longer fitting and seeing my cholesterol numbers and A1C creeping up. 

That’s when I finally found a coach to help me through burnout and to also help me lose the extra mental and physical weight I was carrying. 

And now I'm here paying it forward to women just like you.

As your certified life coach and sister in healthcare, I'm ready to show you how to stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted all the time and to instead start overflowing with energy and joy. 

To uplifting and empowering you,

Archana Shrestha, MD, MS

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Creator of Thrive Rx 

Creator of Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator


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