How Fasting Can Backfire and Cause ‘Revenge Eating’

stress eating weight loss wellness May 20, 2024

Ever heard the one about intermittent fasting being the weight loss godsend for busy professionals?

'Skip some meals and melt the fat' is the mantra. If only weight loss was as simple as a catchy slogan.

In reality, intermittent fasting is just a glorified twist on the classic 'calories in vs calories out' equation. I affectionately term it 'ineffective fasting.'

In fact studies show that intermittent fasting's success lies solely in its inadvertent reduction of daily calorie intake.

One study placed two groups on a 1500-calorie diet. One group consumed their calories within a 6-hour window, while the other stretched it over 12 hours. The result? Identical weight loss in both groups. So much for the magic bullet!

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Many of my clients, physician moms like Kelli, have seen fasting backfire spectacularly.

Kelli would fast for almost an entire day up to 22 hours, but when she finally ate, she was famished.

Her hunger hormones were on a rampage, leading to disastrous food choices which I call 'Revenge eating' - a feast of peanut butter, Nutella, and other junk food - was the unfortunate result.

The solution? Healthy eating habits spread throughout the day.

In my Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator program, Kelli transitioned to three nutritious meals a day.

The result? Weight loss, fewer junk food cravings, less stress eating, and increased focus at work to where she was knocking out her charts quickly.

She even had energy to spare for a complete house cleaning! You can hear about her transformational journey here.

Intermittent fasting is not the magic bullet for weight loss, especially for physician moms. What matters is fueling your body with good nutrition to excel at work and home.

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