I Was Shocked When I Read the Menu : How to Hack the Obesity Trend

weight loss Jun 18, 2024

I recently went to my mom’s favorite Italian restaurant to celebrate her birthday. I was about to order my usual - eggplant parmesan – when I noticed their updated menus now shared the calorie count of each menu item. 

As I scrolled to find the Eggplant Parm, I was shocked to find that this entree had a whopping 2100 calories in it!

As I looked at the menu further, most every entree had 1500 calories in it (close to the amount of calories I would typically average in an entire day).

The lowest I could find was an entree of salmon on a bed of spinach at 750 calories. And that didn’t account for the calories in appetizers, drinks nor dessert. 

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It was an eye-opening experience to realize how easy it is to eat a few thousand calories in one sitting especially when dining out. 

Take the fact that the average American eats out 4.2 times per week, it’s easy to see how in 2022 research published in the Journal of Obesity showed that:

  • the average American gains 45 pounds from their 20’s to their 60’s (putting many in the obese category with their BMI)
  • women gaining on average 12 pounds per decade and men gained 6 pounds per decade.

Not only are we seeing these trends with our patients, but many of my physician mom clients are seeing this within themselves too. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to be the average American. 

You have the power to take back control of your weight and your food choices even as a busy physician mom. 

And I’ve helped so many women doctors, just like you do exactly that. 

Inside my signature Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator, not only have they used my proven method to drop weight without exercise nor complex meal prep, they’ve learned how to make smart choices while dining out and how to travel to Universal Studios or even to all-inclusive resorts and still come back without gaining weight.

Best of all, they didn’t feel deprived nor have to use willpower to do so, because inside my program, I teach them how to get their brain to work for them instead of against them when it comes to weight loss. 

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