Two Key Mindset Shifts for Lasting Weight Loss

stress eating weight loss Jan 16, 2024

In France they have this great saying: “Don’t dig your grave with your fork and knife.”

When I heard it, it rang so true. As doctors we see this daily, people eating in a way that creates or exacerbates their medical problems - hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease etc.

As women doctors who want to lose weight we must also take a good look at our own eating habits too and ask:  

  • Is what I’m eating helping me live the life I want to live?
  • Is it creating dis - ease in my body?
  • Is the sugar or amount of simple carbs spiking my blood sugar and then making me crash?

The Hindu scriptures call the physical body - annamaya kosha. This literally translates to “the food body.”

And it makes so much sense when we think about how all the cells in our body are built by the food we eat and the things we drink. 

Therefore the phrase: “You are what you eat” is quite literally true. 

Or more accurately, your physically body becomes what you eat.

As I reflected on these concepts, I had two mindset shifts that set me up for lasting weight loss. Here is how I began to think of my body:

#1. As my temple. Sometimes I refer to it as my temple. When I do, I automatically want to give it only the best. 

#2. As the only car I’ll ever get.

This latter concept I learned from Warren Buffet in a documentary where he was teaching this exact concept to a group of high schoolers.

He told them to imagine each of us is given a car when we are born and we are only ever allowed to have that one car for their whole life.  How would you treat that car? 

  • Would you run it into the ground? 
  • Would you fill it with diesel when it was meant to have premium gas? 
  • Would you neglect to get oil changed and keep it tuned up? 

Well, guess what? You only get one body in this lifetime. And your body is your vehicle taking your soul everywhere you go. 

You get to choose how well it runs. Even if it’s a vintage car, we have all seen vintage cars on the road that look immaculately cared for and run on a smooth engine.

What will you choose?  Will you treat your car like the amazing gift it is or will you treat it like a beat up rental car?

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