How to Get Off the Dieting Roller Coaster as a Woman Doctor

stress eating weight loss Jan 16, 2024

Before I became a certified weight and life coach, I used to do a different type of health and fitness coaching where I would give my clients workout and nutrition plans to follow. 

Motivated to lose weight, the ladies I worked with would lose weight over the next couple of months during the challenge group in which I inspired them to post daily.

But 7 times out of 10 once the challenge group was done, if they didn't sign up for the next one, the weight would come back on because they had only been taking the actions due to temporary motivation. 

That's when it hit me. . . you can't just change your actions and expect to have lasting weight loss. 

You have to go deeper and really shift your thoughts, beliefs and mindset and how you handle your emotions if you want to have truly lasting weight loss. 

That's especially true for us as physician moms who deal with a lot of stress in our daily lives. And not only that we are busy with little down time too.   

In my free mini course, I share how it's not until we end stress and emotional eating that we will be able to finally lose weight for the last time.

Sure we can just change our actions and use will power for a period of time, but even we doctors who have a TON of will power run out of it. (Usually at the end of a full day at work when we still have a ton of charts to complete and a huge inbox to address.)

Simply changing our actions is like running the weeds over with a lawnmower. Sure the front yard looks better temporarily, but those weeds will be back with a vengeance in a few days and will multiply too. 

That's why we have to go upstream and change our thoughts, beliefs and our overall mindset about food, losing weight and ultimately stress and all other negative emotions.  

Listen in to this podcast episode where my client, Dr. Kathleen, a busy pediatrician in New York City, shares about all the diets she had tried. Sure, she would get some short term results, but the weight would always come back.  

That's because she turned to food to help her feel better in the moment during med school, residency and also as an attending. She used food to solve for stress, boredom and for having a bad day. 

UNTIL she finally decided that she needed to address the root cause of the issue which she knew was stress and emotional eating. 

When she looked at photos of herself with her husband, she realized she was disappointed in herself and how her body looked in photos. 

Not only that, in her 30's she was prediabetic and her cholesterol numbers were creeping up. 

That's when she decided to enroll in my Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator to finally pull up the weeds by the root so that they would no longer come back.

Listen in to all the ways in which her life shifted and changed inside the program by clicking on the video above. Here is a snapshot of her results with just 12 weeks with me:

  • Down 17 pounds in under 12 weeks. 
  • Clothes that used to be tight are now loose
  • No more cravings around her periods
  • Running with husband and keeping up
  • Feeling in control of herself and what she's eating
  • Saw so much progress in 60 day photos and loving the way she looks
  • Getting lots of compliments
  • Positively influencing her husband and coworkers

Want to have results like Kathleen and feel lighter both physically and mentally? Need help getting off the dieting roller coaster and figuring out how to eat right once and for all? 

Apply to work with me and I’ll help you not only lose at least 10 pounds (in fact, I guarantee it with my Drop 10 Pounds guarantee) over the next 3 months, but I’ll also help you end stress eating so you can lose weight for good. This will help you feel healthier, more energetic and love the way you look in the mirror too. 

Are you ready for lasting weight loss in just 5 minutes a day?  Click the button below to apply for my Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator and get ready to lose the weigh for the last time.

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