The Blind Spots Keeping You Stuck

Jun 24, 2024

Have you heard the one where the student says to her spiritual master, “Everything that you teach us we can read in our holy books.”  She then asks, “Given that, why do we need a guru?”

“Don’t ask me. Ask the book,” the master replied with a smile. 

The story points out not only the importance of having a teacher, mentor or coach whom you can ask questions of and understand how to implement the knowledge we read in a book (or learn from a podcast), but also the importance of our blind spots

So often I coach clients who are completely unaware of their blind spots. 

They are unaware:

  • of the stress eating they are doing
  • that they are turning to food when they are bored
  • that sometimes they feel pressured to eat or drink just because others are doing so
  • Of habitual thoughts that have sabotaged their weight loss efforts

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Blind spots are completely normal. We all have them. 

But the problem is we can’t see our own blind spots.

I often explain that blind spots are like being on the inside of a ketchup bottle. On the inside you have no idea you are in a ketchup bottle. If only you could read the label on the outside, then you’d clearly know everything you needed to know. 

Another analogy is that you have a stain on the back of your shirt. But you have no idea about it until someone behind you points it out to you. 

The other big problem with blind spots is that until we realize what they are and work through them we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again and stay on the struggle bus doing doughnuts in the parking lot. 

This is why a coach who understands your life, has walked in your shoes, and has climbed the mountain you seek to climb is so powerful.

She can show you your blind spots and help you work through them. And she can guide you up the mountain pointing out all the pitfalls to watch out for. Now how much easier and faster would the journey be with an experienced guide? 

And that’s exactly what I do for the clients on the inside of my Mama Docs Weight Loss Accelerator. 

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