Why Every Doctor Needs a Coach

burnout coaching Feb 21, 2024

I was coaching a Mama Doc recently and when we hopped on Zoom I asked her, “What would you like coaching on today?”

Her response: “What don’t I need coaching on?”  

We chuckled together as she said that. I laughed because I knew exactly where she was coming from.

When I first invested in coaching for myself, I needed coaching in just about every area of my life too – self-care, time management, relationships, confidence  – to name a few.

My investment into coaching has been life changing and life enhancing. It has hands down been the best investment of my life.

As a result of coaching, I’ve been able to get into an amazing self-stewardship routine and in great shape. I’ve improved my relationships with my husband, kids and family of origin. I’ve also been able to regularly schedule all my priorities on my Google calendar and keep organized. 

The most important thing of all though is that I have created the life of my dreams according to my own definition of success. 

It took investing in a coaching program to achieve those results, and I want to encourage you to invest in yourself too by joining our Thrive Rx coaching program. In this program, we take a 360 degree look at life and help you make shifts in all areas.

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Why 360 degrees? Because I’m guessing medicine has taken a toll on just about every area of your life as it has for so many of us. Just as you invested in your medical education and continue to, with additional trainings, you need to invest in yourself with a coaching program. Because while med school taught you how to practice medicine it didn’t teach you how to process all that a career in medicine can do to you.

As a physician, you KNOW that the level of stress, exhaustion and overwhelm you are feeling is not sustainable, yet you find yourself….

  • Rushing from one place to the next, never feeling like you get a break, not even at home
  • Not finding time for self-care because there is never any down time
  • Numbing out to wine, chocolate, Facebook or Netflix as a way to cope with the negative feelings
  • Bringing unfinished charts home instead of spending time with family or resting
  • Snacking to de-stress between patients, after work or after putting the kids to bed
  • Constantly checking your phone, EMR and email inbox for a never-ending list of things to be done
  • Thinking about going part time or leaving medicine all together just to create more balance mean while beating yourself up for considering it

Mama Doc, it’s time to turn all of that around. It all starts here with our program created specifically with YOU in mind. You’ll receive weekly trainings and group and individual coaching from a life coach who is also a healthcare professional and gets what your life is like. 


Don’t worry. We are here to show you the way back to feeling your best and being your best.

We created this program to help you:

  • Overcome feelings of burnout and overwhelm
  • Rekindle the passion for medicine 
  • Create better work-life integration 
  • Find more fulfillment out of relationships


If you have been meaning to find a life coach to help you thrive as a woman in a white coat, look no further than our Thrive Rx Coaching program.  

 You can even earn CME/CE for doing this life changing work. 

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Goodbye, burnout. 

Hello, energy and joy!

End overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout in just 4 weeks without quitting your career or going part time with Thrive Rx: Coaching for Healthcare Professionals.  
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